The warming taste of winter


Title: The warming taste of winter

Event: Themes

Length: 00:04:10.33

Location: Trentino

Publication day: Tuesday 18 August 2020

Registration day: Tuesday 18 August 2020


Winter's frosty air makes us all a little lazier and more eager to stay at home. The dishes we eat should reflect that mood, while allowing us to indulge in particularly hearty and nourishing recipes designed to prepare our bodies for the challenges of the colder months.Rich dishes with bold flavours; sometimes high in calories but, after all, that's just what we need to get enough energy to tackle those winter days and fill up on essential nutrients to strengthen our immune systems.Tastes that can bring us back to the past, like a time machine, or reveal new avenues for our senses to explore. Winter is the season for long, slow stewing, wood stoves burning round the clock, with a pot of soup bubbling all day long.From antipasti to desserts, we’ve selected simple yet sophisticated recipes that represent the best of Trentino’s culinary traditions. These are the flavours of an ancient land of snow and mountains, which has preserved its finest specialities while also coming up with inventive new uses for the authentic and exquisite produce yielded by the earth and the people who work it.

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